While we are already days into practicing social distancing, we Kloskas on St. Peter Street are going into deep isolation mode to do our part to “flatten the curve” during this pandemic. Explanations of the importance of acting early to mitigate against the exponential increase of infections are now widely available all over social media. I found this one (along with many others) to be helpful. No Mass today.

flatten the curve

I say this with great sadness as I literally attend Mass everyday. The Holy Eucharist is THE power source of my entire life, the driving force behind my joy and any good that I have ever been able to do. On any given day under normal circumstances I would rather choose to go without food than go without the Eucharist. Why? Out of a sense of gratitude. The word Eucharist literally means “thanksgiving.” (If you are interested in hearing more about the supreme importance of the Eucharist, stay tuned. I intend to explain this further in a future post.)

Nevertheless, after study, consultations, and prayer, I feel confident that this is the right way for our family to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Contrary to what some commentators have insinuated or even asserted, not going to Mass today is NOT an act contrary to faith. Illness is always a legitimate reason for staying home. Another legitimate reason is to care for other people. Human beings are rational creatures. Our faith recognizes this fact. It was largely Catholics who developed the scientific method. Faith and reason go hand in hand. Reason tells me to flatten the curve. Better to be safe than sorry. With faith I am certain that Our Lord can transcend space and time to be with us despite our temporary physical absence from Him.

I don’t like this. It feels like Good Friday has come early, but we all know the end of the story.