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The Side of the House

The Side of the House is a blog by Robert Kloska. He has no delusion that his blog is any good. He also realizes that the Side of the House violates lots of best practices in blogging. But he's not trying to be a professional blogger. Rather, he's just sharing his sincere thoughts. Respectful comments are welcome. This blog is simply an extension of what actually occurs on the side of the Kloska house in South Bend, Indiana. You are most welcome here! House rules: 1) You must be a person of goodwill; and 2) You must try be friendly and polite to everyone. In person, Robert is usually known as "BK", "Bobby", or "Bob." Nobody really calls him Robert except on formal occasions. ;)

Sacred Stories of Notre Dame: Joseph Ruetz, Class of 1939

A brief story about the movement of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Notre Dame Football star who lived in our family house in the 1930s.

Prayer to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament

Memorize this prayer so you can say it with your whole heart in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

My Eucharistic Heart Attack

The fact that I had a heart attack is nothing extraordinary. People have heart attacks all the time. What makes my 2021 heart attack remarkable is the circumstances surrounding it.

Prayer Might Be Easier Than You Think

Prayer sets the stage for a true encounter with Our Lord. Are you paying attention?

A Note of Gratitude

Yesterday, I had my 22nd vocal cord surgery. The past 7 or 8 have been performed at the University of Michigan Medical Center. Here is the note I just sent them.

Don’t Feel Sorry For Me: There Are Some Real Benefits to Suffering (Part 1 of 2)

Human suffering has many potential benefits to those who are aware and ready to receive these truths. I'm ready.

25 Years Strong: How Did We Do It?

People sometimes tell us that we are "inspirational" because we haven't lost our faith and our marriage is still together. That seems like a pretty low bar to me. Nevertheless, here's how we've done it.

Suffering, Freedom & Love

Suffering, freedom, and love are inextricably connected.

First Chastised, then Comforted by Our Lady Herself

A few Fridays ago I was feeling especially discouraged. I realize that I am not alone in thinking that life often seems to present challenge after challenge after challenge. I think many of us feel that way. But on this... Continue Reading →

An Update on My Health

For those who want to know, here's what's going on as of May, 2021.

What Would Life Be Like if You Were Truly a Faithful Christian?

When asked which is the first and the greatest of all the commandments, Jesus replied, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength." Mk... Continue Reading →

It’s Sunday and I’m Not Going to Mass

I feel confident that in this particular situation, this is the right way for our family to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

How Not to Schedule Something

Here's a quick life hack for how and how not to schedule something.

Revealed to the Childlike – Hidden from the Wise

On this feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, let us remember the words of her Son.

A Husband’s Prayer

Marriage can be really difficult. Here's a prayer that you husbands can pray to make things better.

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