Here’s a life hack that I find helpful. When scheduling something with someone, quit being so wishy-washy. Stop making it so difficult and vague. Example:

You: “Let’s get together.”

Your friend: “Sounds good.”

You: “Maybe next week?”

Your friend: “Sure.”

You: “When are you available?”

Your friend: “I’m free a lot of the time. When are you free?”

You: “I’ve got lots of availability too. What are the most convenient times for you?”

Back and forth. Back and forth. Etc. etc. etc.

You’re both making this way too difficult. Your friend now has the burden of trying to find all of his available times and then sorting through those times and proposing a few that would be desirable to him. This could go on and on and on. You have just made the whole thing difficult and tedious. Here’s a better way:

You: “Let’s get together.”

Your friend: “Sounds good.”

You: “How about next Tuesday at Starbucks at 9:00 a.m.?”

Now your friend is in an easier position. He can either accept it, or decline it with a counter proposal. All the indecisive back and forth has been eliminated.

To get optimum results. Cut to the chase!

A friendly message brought to you by “The Side of the House!” 😉