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What Goes Into A College Football Postgame Report? Here’s a Rare Behind the Scenes Look

Usually I share important things here on the Side of the House, things that pertain to life, love, happiness, God, and death. This is not about anything like that. It's just for fun!

The Sculptor and the Chisel

Not going to lie. Life is hard. Sometimes I get discouraged.

Righting a Past Wrong: In Praise of Water!

Water is amazing if you take the time to think about it.

Take Note, Kids.

Study this photo. This is what true love looks like.

I am an Idiot

Rarely do I cross-post my stuff on Linkedin, but since I'm writing about being an idiot I figured it would be okay.

Farewell, Good Friend. Thanks, Kloska Siblings, for 15 Wonderful Years!

The end of an era comes with a brutal finality that caught even the toughest adolescent boys in our house by surprise. (Be sure to view the video tribute)

Who Today Has This Kind of Audacity?

A chance visit to an old Chicago church reveals how strong the faith was 100 years ago.

You Become What You Think About

As Lent approaches, we all have an opportunity to change what will become of us by directing our thoughts to good and beautiful things. Like God.

My Slight But Personal Connection to the Late John Mahoney

Actor John Mahoney died and I've learned something about him that makes me like him even more.

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