Thoughts from the Side of the House…

Who Today Has This Kind of Audacity?

A chance visit to an old Chicago church reveals how strong the faith was 100 years ago.

You Become What You Think About

As Lent approaches, we all have an opportunity to change what will become of us by directing our thoughts to good and beautiful things. Like God.

My Slight But Personal Connection to the Late John Mahoney

Actor John Mahoney died and I've learned something about him that makes me like him even more.

When I am Weak I am Strong

My current weakness is actually a tremendous blessing. Suffering can be good for you. It is for me. Please read with an open mind.

The Story of Marika Eperjesi’s Straight-from-the-Old-World Goulash Recipe

A chance encounter leads to a man re-examining his own views on goulash and how to make it.

Want to be a Happier Person? Then Open Your Eyes and Think for Yourself

It's EASY to enjoy winter if you just have an open mind and an open heart.

I Just Used an Old Management Adage to Re-engineer my Entire Life

It's not an exaggeration to say that I'm fighting for my life. The wisdom from an old business adage has been one of my best weapons.  Here's how I'm winning the battle.  

The Snowflake Photo One Year Later (Part 7)

A year later, both the mystery and the amazement remains.

When You Live Only 2 Blocks From Notre Dame…

This is the kind of crime neighbors must endure.  

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