When Adam bit the apple
He released a torrent strong
That raged across the ages
And swept the world along.

The freedom God had given
Was exercised by many
For goodness, truth, and beauty
His love was spread aplenty.

But this freedom also had
A more unseemly side
The evil done within it
The Lord could not abide.

His people lost and suffering,
Made great the devil’s might
Goodness was called “evil”
And evil called “upright.”

So God planned a daring rescue
A hero brave and bold
Would save His precious children
As the prophets had foretold.

Thus in the quiet of the night
Not in a blaze of splendor
Was born a babe in Bethlehem
A hero meek and tender.

That night a rebel mission
Was launched by Love Divine
The Son of God had landed
Behind the enemy line.


This Christmastime remember
That all the gift-bestowing
Commemorates His saving work
His mission is… ongoing!