I just had my 18th vocal cord surgery and as usual I’ve been eating ice cream all day. In fact, I’m eating more because I’m also on Prednisone.

My favorite ice cream is probably some combination of vanilla, cherry, and chocolate. (Think “Cherry Garcia” all you Ben and Jerry lovers!) Today when I returned home from the hospital, my dear wife made a special trip to the store to bring back some of that cold creamy goodness. I had a bowl for dinner. Then a bowl for dessert. Now it’s late at night and I’m having a bowl as a late night snack. It’s, ummm, really good.


At night, our kitchen is darkened except for the light over the sink. So as I scooped out my final bowl for the day, I did it next to the sink with the light shining brightly onto the texture of the ice cream. It was then that I saw it and sighed with sadness, then that I began to feel sorry for my ice cream. Under the brightness of that light, I noticed how fake red it looked. Ugh! Artificial coloring! WHY???

Does my ice cream have no idea of it’s inherent worth and value, no idea that it doesn’t need cheap superficial enhancements?

IMG_7363Why would a perfectly delicious ice cream need to add chemical dyes? Why would something so awesome on it’s own think that it looks better to wear that kind of heavy disguise? Frankly, I think the heavy coloring makes it look sort of gross. It’s not natural. It’s not authentic. Why not allow nature in all it’s beauty just shine by itself? Everyone know that a quality ice cream does not need artificial colors.

I’m convinced that my ice cream has a self-esteem issue, much like women who wear too much makeup, men who color their hair, and people who disguise themselves under heavy tatoos and piercings. I just want to hug these people and tell them that they are beautiful without all that camouflage. They don’t need to hide behind such things. Their body is good on it’s own. Their inner core is good on its own. They are not perfect, they may need to change and grow, but they are lovable. They don’t need all that gunk on their faces or in their hair to try to look good. They are more beautiful than they realize and that beauty has nothing to do with their artificial enhancements.

So I wrote my ice cream this love letter tonight. I’d like to share it with you before I hit the sack.


July 22, 2019

Dear Cherry Chocolate Funk Ice Cream,

I just want you to know that I love you for who you are. You are totally delicious! I look forward to eating you at every opportunity. Your soft and creamy texture never fails to delight my senses of sight, smell, and taste. I notice you and am attracted to your goodness not because of your fake red color but because of who and what you are!

Please do NOT feel like you need to add those chemical dyes to make you more appealing to me. They actually make you look superficial, like you’re trying to hide something. Those chemicals are not YOU. YOU are much greater than them. YOU can stand on your own and shine like a star. I love YOU for who you are, and I love YOU just the way you are!