What happens in life after football?

During a stellar career playing for the great Ara Parseghian at Notre Dame, Mike McCoy and his teammates won a National Championship and Mike finished 6th in Heisman Trophy balloting as a lineman! He spent 11 season in the NFL, mostly with the Packers and Raiders. When he retired in 1980, Mike was not sad to leave the game. He was beat up physically (two knee replacements since then) and despite being one of the best linemen in the league, he wasn’t exactly wealthy. In fact, if you get to know him, you’ll come to find that he’s not really too impressed with his athletic accomplishments. Sure, there’s a healthy satisfaction in being at the top of his sport for so long, but in considering the grand scheme of things, he remains very grounded.

Mike’s career sounds very glamorous, but he and I both agree that the work he is doing now is far more significant than football. For years now, Mike has traveled the country speaking to kids at schools about developing a greater vision for their lives. During these visits – some very large, others rather modest – he somehow gets the kids to quietly reveal their hopes and dreams and pains and problems to him. At the end of the day, he then goes to work to try to help them through the resources available at their own school. He’s helped thousands of young people in this way and has even prevented suicides.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I admire Mike and the selfless hard work he does for others at a time when most of his peers are kicking back and taking it easy. To learn more, visit his website at http://mccoy77.com/

If you are interested, there are three main ways to help Mike in his work:

1) Pray for him as he criss-crosses the country and pray for the kids he encounters.

2) Make a donation. He played in the NFL back when they allowed the players to get really beat up physically and they hardly paid them anything. Even so, Mike only charges the school the most minimal amount to cover his travel expenses. He’ll put your money to good work.

3) Contact Mike and set up a number of school visits for him in your area. Once he hits a town, it’s best to have multiple schools to visit. Since he talks about faith, he has found that sticking to Catholic schools is wise. Otherwise people might complain about his faith-filled message. Mike also speaks at faith based conferences to adults.

I hope you’ll consider supporting him in one of these ways. I’ve done all three!