There are lots of Side of the House visitors who get really into Holy Week. Here are some of the best images that came to me this past week. (There were actually more, but they all overwhelmed my phone’s memory and it deleted a bunch of them.) Enjoy and Happy Easter!

Easter Vigil at Saint Matthew Cathedral. Two Kloskas faithfully serving the Mass. 😉
Arriving in the sanctuary at the Easter Vigil
If you don’t know these texting terms, you don’t have kids. If you do know them, you’re laughing pretty hard right now.
This one goes with the Carlton dance below.
Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air gets all happy that Jesus rose from the dead! 
Resurrected Jesus proves that he can move
In a thread about the Resurrection
Saturday morning as I was out walking I wandered in St. Joseph Church downtown to see Fr. Kevin Russeau, CSC, preparing the catechumens for their baptisms later that evening. A beautiful morning prayer too! 
Another Resurrection Celebration!

Happy Easter Everyone!